Effect of Nutrition Therapy Dates for Short Term Memory of Students at Elementary School 060 886 and 060 889

Nur Asnah Sitohang, Farida Linda Sari Siregar


Improving the ability of short-term memory can be a variety of things one of them with nourishing food and drinks that contain enough sugar to the body. Sugar is safe for children and can be directly used for metabolism, namely in the form of a disaccharide sugar. Dates have a fairly high sugar content and are generally derived from the type of glucose and fructose. The research objective was to determine the effect of nutritional therapy palm against short-term memory fourth grade students in Elementary School No. 060 886 060 889 Elementary School and Medan. Quasy experimental research design using pre post design. There are two groups of respondents, intervention and control. Purposive sampling technique. In the intervention group were given nutritional therapy dates every day 100 g for 6 days. On the first day before the given therapy short-term memory measured using the test digit span forward and backward Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Revised (WISC-R) after 15 seconds a child was told to repeat. On the day after consuming the nutrients dates -6 done the same test (post-test). In the control group was also done the same thing only difference was not given nutritional therapy dates. Analysis of the data used paired t test and independent t test. The results showed the average short-term memory after the students in the intervention group were given nutritional therapy dates = 25.33 seconds, SD = 20.61 seconds. The average short-term memory sisiwa posttest control group = 43.18 seconds, SD = 50.41 seconds. Mean difference = 17 850 seconds. Statistical test results obtained value of p = 0.041 (<0.05), it can be concluded that there are significant differences posttest score in the intervention group and the control (no treatment effect Nutri palm against short-term memory)


nutrition therapy, dates, short-term memory.

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