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Important specific experience of rectal cancer survivors is how they perceive the treatment of cancer, undergo treatment completely and get healed, and live productively after recovery. The aim of the study was to obtain the significant experience of rectal cancer survivors.
Methods: This study was a qualitative phenomenological method. Sample was taken based on the snowball technique to get three individual patients. Data was collected through in-depth interview, and then was analyzed with seven steps analysis of Colazzi.
Results: A total of eight major themes that describe various experiences of the participants of rectal cancer with stoma were found, namely: difficulty in mobility/ social activity, sense of low self-esteem, pain, extra expenses, changes of patterns of sexual intercourse, dealing with loss, restrictions to worship, and the desire to share with other patients with permanent stoma.
Discussion: This difficulty is drawn from the fear of lacking public facilities to support their condition, such as the place to change or unload the stoma bag/appliance, fear that the bag may produce bad odor and uncomfortable sound, purchase the bag routinely, while most of them were already unemployed, worry that the spouse feel disgusted or pity, and the uncertainty if the prayer and worship is acceptable to God.
Conclusion: life’s meaning of being rectal cancer survivor helps increase the desire to share it with other patients in order to elevate their spirit amidst the same situation. Based on the stud, nurses should provide psychological support and clear information so that patients can meet their basic needs. Keywords-: cancer, life experiences, survivors Introduction

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