Male and Societal Responses to Vasectomy in Java, Indonesia

Winarsih Nur Ambarwati


Background: Indonesia is the fourth most populous nation, with a growth rate of 1.49 percent per year. Such a great number of people with lack of sufficient knowledge and skills are a challenge when it comes to issues related to national development. Generally, the result of the Family Planning Program (FPP) to Indonesian women has met much success, where approximately 60 percent of all participants are women. Fear and anxiety rank as major reasons why men remain somewhat hesitant to participate in the surgical method of vasectomy. There are also misled perceptions that sometimes cause husbands to hesitate and decided not to have a vasectomy. This often occurs because of the lack of general information and knowledge about a vasectomy and all of its effects to their long-term physical and psychological and social side effects of Javanese men.
Research Objective: To explore Javanese men’s response after undergoing a vasectomy as well as society’s perspectives about the procedures.
Research Method: This is a qualitative research study applying a grounded theory approach. The sample was selected using a theoretical sampling technique. The data collection instruments used include field reports, audio recordings, video recordings, and field notes. The data was analyzed using Colaizzi`s method.
Research Results: Seven individuals participated in this study. The reasons participants decided to have a vasectomy were due to their social responsibility, feeling pity for their wife, and concern for the welfare of their children in the future. There was no general changes noticed in the physical nature of participants. Sexual ability after the vasectomy surgery showed no changes. Social views toward the vasectomy surgical varied. Most within Javanese society believe that having children is important, and that the welfare of the family is also important.
Conclusion: Participants felt no significant physical changes after the vasectomy was completed. They decide to have a vasectomy to show their affection towards their wife, the responsibility towards the family and children welfare in the future. Therefore, undergoing a vasectomy in Java, Indonesia can improve the quality of the marital relationship.


vasectomy; Javanese; physical effects; psychological effects; male perspectives

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