The Implementation of an Exercise by Prescription Program in Middle-aged Hypertensive African American Women

Tessie Harris-Packer, Jeffery Forehand, Tracey Hodges, Katherine Leigh


The purpose of this pilot study was to implement an 8 week exercise by prescription program in a rural community to decrease hypertension and change behaviors regarding physical activity in middle-aged African American women. Participants were asked to complete the International Physical Activity Questionnaire short form, the Exercise Stages of Change (short form) survey, and a manual blood pressure examination pre and post intervention. The sample size consisted of 10 middle-aged African American women with hypertension. Analysis of the descriptive statistics revealed that total time spent walking for at least 10 minutes increased from pre-intervention (M 111.90, SD 237.24) to post-intervention (M 132.10, SD 215.91) Data also indicated a decrease in pulse pressure from pre (M 47.80 SD 9.05) to post (M 47.10 SD 8.46) intervention. This study demonstrates that exercise prescriptions are an effective method of promoting physical activity in middle-aged African American women.


African American Women, Hypertension, Exercise by Prescription

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