A Brief Learning Experience Designed to Increase Nursing Students’Knowledge of and Attitudes Toward LGBT Health Care

Judith B. Cornelius, Charlene Whitaker-Brown


This study examined the effect of a brief learning experience on nursing students’ knowledge of and attitudes toward providing care to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) individuals. The Nursing Students’ Knowledge of and Attitudes toward LGBT Healthcare (NKALH) survey was administered to a convenience sample of 41 senior nursing students enrolled in a community health course. At pretest, there were significant knowledge deficits (20% of the questions were answered correctly) and low attitude scores toward LGBT healthcare needs existed. At posttest, students’ knowledge scores increased to 84%; attitude scores increased slightly, but not significantly (p = 0.07). Among the students who participated in the study, none felt they would be unable to care for an LGBT individual.


knowledge, attitudes, LGBT, health care, nursing students

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