Transition in Stroke Patients: Conceptual Analysis

Cecep Eli Kosasih, Umaporn Boonyasopun


Stroke patients experienced the event of non-disable person to disable one. After having a stroke, they got many changes. Physical, social, emotional and spiritual adjustment needs to be addressed for the stroke patients. They underwent transition during recovery and rehabilitation process. This conceptual analysis is important to reveal the basic element of the transition concept in stroke patients make definitions and terminology associated with it. There were several themes that associated with the concept of transition in stroke patients, such as changes in the temporal order of life (daily routines and activities), change in sense of self and the experience of time, change in connectedness, and change in community integration. This concept analysis will help nurses or health provider during taking care of stroke patient to make the best service for them. The model presented here may useful for nurses and other health professional to develop intervention programs to promote quality of life of stroke patients.


transition, stroke patients, rehabilitation, conceptual analysis

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