Optimizing the Home-based Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme by Internet-based Interventions: A literature review

H. K. Choy, Wendy M. F. Chan


Cardiac rehabilitation program which includes exercise training, nutritional advice, psychosocial and risk factors counseling is traditionally applied for myocardial infarction survivor. However, the low participation rate [1] of cardiac rehabilitation has been reported globally. Recently home-based cardiac rehabilitation program is developed as an alternative approach [2][3][4] to overcome the challenges of low referral rate, inaccessibility of program site, and optimize the utilization of the program. Unfortunately, client may not be able to sustain the modified health behavior in their daily life after the completion of the cardiac rehabilitation programme. To date, the internet-based cardiac rehabilitation program has showed significant in improving the cardiovascular risk factors at the end of the cardiac rehabilitation program. [5][6][7][8] However, there are limited studies to review the significant of internet- based interventions of home- based cardiac rehabilitation in sustention of health behavior in long term. This review will fill the knowledge gap of how the internet-based interventions on home-based cardiac rehabilitation program modify the risk behavior for myocardial infarction survivor in the long run.


cardiac rehabilitation, heart rehabilitation, internet-based intervention, mobile phone-based intervention

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