Using Remote Activity Monitoring and Guideline System for Home Care Clients to Support Geriatric Nursing Care in the Community

Winnie Sun, Diane Doran, Lawrence S. Bloomberg


There is increasing concern to support older adults who want to live independently in their own homes. The purpose of this study is to investigate the integration of two non-intrusive approaches to monitoring home care clients activity level, along with access to best practice guidelines for clinicians at the point of care. A prototype Remote Activity Monitoring and Guidelines System has been developed that uses a GPS-equipped BlackBerry to monitor a person’s mobility outside the home. The System includes a pressure-sensitive mat that is placed under a regular bed mattress and can monitor sleep disturbances, and how long it takes to enter and exit the bed. This research study provided valuable information about the feasibility and effectiveness of integrating bio-mobility information obtained through remote monitoring with decision support technologies to support safer client care for seniors.


remote patient monitoring; home care safety; decision support technologies

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