Experience of patient’s non-adherence to the treatment of diabetes mellitus (a phenomenology study on the context of nursing care in CM Hospital, Jakarta

Chandra Isabella Hostanida Purba, DR Ratna Sitorus, Yati Afiyanti


Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a heterogeneous disorder with improvement of blood glucose. The disease can be treated by using four pillars of handling of DM. The pillars are health education, planning of diet, physical exercise, and the using of medicine which have to use for a lifetime. This qualitative study adopted phenomenological approach which goal was to explore various experiences of patient’s non-adherence to the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Participants were selected according to certain criteria by using convenience method. Eight participants who participated in this study had experience of non-adherence to the treatment of diabetes mellitus in RSUPN Dr. CM Jakarta. Data were collected through in depth interview process in two phases and accompanied by field notes. The interview was recorded and converted in to verbatim transcript and then analyzed by using Collaizz’s method. The results identified seven major themes which consist of unhappiness diet, not understand about the benefit of diet which made non-adherence, not understand about the benefit of physical exercise for the treatment of diabetes mellitus, the age is old, physical disability makes patient did not do physical exercise, incorrect understanding about the benefit of medicine, fail to adhere taking medicine because of economic reason. This study concludes that the most reasons of patient’s non-adherence to the treatment of diabetes mellitus is “not understand the benefit of adhering the treatment of diabetes mellitus”. The results of this research give implication about the necessary of giving health education continuously, especially in medical surgical nursing area to improve the adherence of patient with diabetes mellitus. Researcher suggests the need of nursing skills improvement about how to give a good health education, make a program to improve patient’s adherence, and make other research to explore patient’s adherence with four pillars specifically.


Experience of non-adherence, patient with diabetes mellitus, the treatment of diabetes mellitus

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