Care of Mechanical Ventilated Patients in General Ward: Nurses Perspective

A. Faidy, B. Ouesph, N. Yutuc, S. Melki, E. Tamonan, A. Jamaly, G. Barkat-Ali, S. Al-Eidarous, S. Mohidi


Aim: This study aimed to explore the care of mechanically ventilated patients in general wards from the nurses' perspective.
Methodology: A cross-sectional descriptive study using a self administered questionnaire was given to the nurses with a purposive convenient sampling method in adult patients from medical, surgical and isolation units in studied hospital in KSA. Results: 149 participants from general units represents various years of experiences shared their perception on the knowledge and competencies (M= 3.38±.62) the support they received (M= 2.41±.78), their satisfaction and confidence (M= 2.86±.81) and the resources provided (M= 2.44 ±.69) for caring MV patients in their general unit revealed the total mean in each categories were in the state of either neutral or disagree with the items given. The participants admitted that the found themselves are competent in performing suctioning with aseptic technique and ability to identify the possible complications confidently. However the participant concluded that it was inadequate support for them, staffing ratio, equipment and facilities was inappropriate which leads to dissatisfaction and less confident in caring for MV patients.
Conclusion: This study concludes that caring for patients in general ward causing dissatisfaction among the staff and place patients in risk. Hospital administration needs to ensure that general ward nurses are trained accordingly, provide adequate staffing ratio, and prepare the physical environment and suitable equipment to care for MV patients in general ward.


mechanical ventilation; general ward; nursing care

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