Uniform Roe Algebras as Crossed Product

  • Kankeyanathan Kannan


We define what a coarse space is, and we study a number of ways of constructing a coarse structure on a set so as to make it into a coarse space. We also consider some of the elementary concepts associated with coarse spaces. A discrete group 􀡳 has natural coarse structure which allows us to define the uniform Roe algebra, 􀡯􀢁 􀗛 􁈺􀡳􁈻. The reduced 􀡯􀗛 􀵆 algebra 􀡯􀢘 􀗛 􁈺􀡳􁈻 is naturally contained in 􀡯􀢁 􀗛 􁈺􀡳􁈻. In this paper, we will characterize 􀡯􀢁 􀗛 􁈺􀡳􁈻 as a crossed product.

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