Stratigraphic Correlation of Devonian Sequences of Northwestern Darling Basin, New South Wales, Australia

Mahmoud Ahmed Alfkey, Wan Ismail Wan Yusoff


The study is focused on the Northwestern part of the
Darling Basin, and deals with a Stratigraphic correlation. This
study involves correlation of the regional stratigraphy in the
Darling Basin of western New South Wales that results from
deformation of the Devonian sequences. The interpretation based
on well logs and lihological data. Integrating well and lithological
data to correlate the sequence stratigraphic units, using sequence
stratigraphy approach are the main goals of this study. Analyses
of lithostratigraphic units from well-logs and lithology data were
used to develop a stratigraphic correlation of the northwest
Darling Basin. The stratigraphic boundaries of the intervals were
defined at marked changes in well-log characteristics and
lithology information. Correlation of three wells in the
northwestern part of Darling Basin allowed correlation and
chronostratigraphic subdivision of Devonian sediments. The
lithofacies of three wells Bancannia North-1, Bancanna South-1
and Jupiter-1 have been identified from northwest to southeast.
The lithofacies dominated by sandstone and shale sediments
mostly in Lower to Middle Devonian age, red sandstone, porous
sandstone and shale lithofacies (red beds) of Middle to Upper
Devonian sediments. Three stratigraphic units were identified
based on well logs characteristics and lithofacies namely A, B and


stratigraphiy, Darling Basin, stratigraphic correlation, sequence stratigraphy, Devonian sequences, lithofacies

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