Reliability of 18α(H)-Oleanane Biomarker as Age Indicator of Source Deposition

Syed Mohammad Ibad Mahmoodi, Swapan Kumar Bhattacharya


Reliability of biomarker correlation for oil-oil or oilsource
is dependable only when the specific biomarker is not age
equivalent of the reservoir. Tertiary oil in Tertiary reservoirs
cannot be confirmed by Tertiary biomarkers because of the
possibility of contamination. 18α(H)-Oleanane as an age indicator
of source deposition is not convincing because the specific
biomarker may also contaminate oil in the reservoir. Although
oleanane is restricted within Late Cretaceous to Tertiary periods,
the presence of this biomarker in oils of Late Cretaceous to
Tertiary reservoirs cannot justify the age of the source of oil.
Oleanane from oil of cretaceous-tertiary reservoir, supports the
age of reservoir instead of the age of source deposition. A
systematic research needs to be carried out to identify percentage
solubility of oleanane in water and oil to conclude the reliability
of oleanane for source age deposition.


18α(H)-Oleanane; Terrestrial Source ; Gas chromatography-Mass spectrometry; Biomarker.

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