Improved Seismic Imaging through Prestack Depth Migration using Synthetic Seismic Data

Pradeep Mahadasu, Kumar Hemant Singh


A necessary requirement for a reliable seismic depth imaging is to have an accurate estimation of the earth velocity model. Seismic depth imaging fundamentally consists of computation of two way travel time and downward extrapolation of the observed wave field through a suitable algorithm. The Prestack velocity analysis and model building tools need to be combined to obtain an accurate velocity model. The methodology involves interval velocity building using coherency inversion and picking of residual moveout to get the updated velocity model. The Prestack depth migration (PSDM) is then performed with this refined velocity model. The results from the Prestack time migration (PSTM) and PSDM using 3D synthetic seismic data are discussed.


Interval velocity model, coherency inversion, PSDM, PSTM, velocity analysis

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