Two Stroke High Efficient Gate Operated Magnetic Engine: Basis for Modeling Approach

Manoj Gattani, Pradeepta K Sahoo, Parag Diwan


The present report focuses on the fundamentals of modeling of a permanent magnet based gate operated repulsive magnetic piston engine further referred to as GOPI engine, applicable to electrical and mechanical power generation in large-scale system. In GOPI engine, the motion of the piston is controlled with help of a gate made up of magnetic shield material. The working of the engine depends upon magnetic and mechanical material properties of the gate like thickness of the gate, type of the shield material, distance of the gate from magnets, the pole strength of magnets and mechanism used to operate the gate. In GOPI engine the removal of complete mechanism of fuel burning process of the traditional engine gives a number of advantages like low frictional losses, reduced manufacturing cost, maintenance cost and compactness.


Magnetic engine, GOPI engine, gate, shield material, permanent magnets

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