The Development Mode of Taiwan’s Sustainable Schools-The Cooperation Between Schools and Corporate

Chien-kuo Ku, Trai-Shar Kao


The development of Taiwan’s Sustain Schools is in the
recent ten years time. It can be traced back in 2002, when the
Ministry of Education implemented “Sustainable Campus”
project. This project aimed at improving and establishing
hardware facilities in the campus. Afterwards, there are
enterprises which needs to carry out corporate social
resoponsibility (CSR), giving funds to develop Sustain Schools
through the counseling from universities.
This project is funded by Innolux Education Foundation, aims at
saving energy and reducing carbon, helping five elementary
schools in Miaoli County to establish energy plus classrooms,
managing seed schools in sustainable development. The goals
include the establishment of “Taiwan Sustainable School
Indicators”, implementing whole school approach and developing
Sustainable Teaching Material.
The project initially outlines “Taiwan Sustainable Schools
Indicators”, undergoing communication among partner schools,
in order to establish whole school approach, thirdly, to establish
Sustain School’s sustainable schools’ online network resource
platform. Finally, the teaching and learning of “Carbon Zero
Classroom”, enhancing the concept and knowledge of the
schools’ teachers and students, and help bringing along the
neighboring schools in sustainable development. This kind of
cooperation mode has gained great achievements.


whole-school approach, sustainable Schools, selfevaluation Indicators for sustainable Schools

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