Snakebite Prevention and Management Action Plan for Petrol Filling Stations

aM. M. Ahmed ., S. R.M. Kutty ., aMohd Faris Khamidi, I. Othman ., Emmanuel Olisa, Ali Riahi ., Muhamad, N. S .


Issues related to occupational health & safety is quite
common at Petrol Filling Station (PFS) sites. It includes
snakebites, electrocutions, fall/slips, fire/explosions, vehicle
accidents, wind/rain storms and robbery. PFS are located all
around the world to fulfill the fuel demands of nations. They are
available in urban as well as rural areas. Problems related to
occupational health safety vary from country to country and
sometimes even from place to place. The present study was
conducted in Pakistan to collect data related to unsafe acts and
unsafe conditions in Company ‘X’ (not a true name as the
permission to use their real name was not given). Company ‘X’
is a petrol filling station operator organization. It has more than
2500 PFS all over Pakistan. Besides, these PFS it also helps to
meet the fuel demands of armed forces and airports. Six months
data collected related to accidents, incidents and near misses
from 2500 outlets. Total 674 unsafe acts and unsafe conditions
were reported. 47 accidents, 137 incidents and 476 near misses
recorded. All hazards were categorized by using Risk
Assessment Criteria. Total 14 snakebite cases reported.
Although, the probability of occurrences of snakebite cases found
low but it got highest ranking as per risk assessment criteria.
Snakebite found one of the most occurring causes that can lead
up to fatality, if not treated properly. This study will elaborate
the snakebite and prevention action plan for PFSs. This study
will propose preventive actions against snakebite, snakebite
control program and management of snakebite.


Accidents, control, management, prevention, snakebite.

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