Low-Carbon Economy: Value Paradigm Turn﹠Value Orientation?

GuiHong Cao .


Low-carbon economy, meets the development needs of ecological civilization, as C development model to prompt economic growth and protect ecological balance, following with original civilization, agriculture civilization, industrial civilization. From the perspective of multi-values, its development goal reflects the dialectical unity between human and nature, its development reason embodies the dialectical unity between intergenerational equity and intragenerational equity, its development path mirrors the dialectical unity between material pursuit and spiritual seeking, its development idea expresses the dialectical unity between moral evaluation and utilitarian assessment. Based upon the value paradigm turn, low-carbon economy theory extends the scope of moral concern and realizes the unity between natural philosophy and moral philosophy. It emphasizes the harmonious unity between natural system and social system, therefore achieving the pursuit of ecological holism value. It underlines the co-evolution and harmonious balance between human and nature, as a sustainable development idea. Its development motivation delivers the pursuit on society-orient value, its inherent nature shows the value orientation of ecological economy sustainable development, its development philosophy conveys the value gist to promote ecological civilization, and its ultimate target indicates the value appeal for the harmony and unity among economic growth, social development and environmental protection.
Keywords-low-carbon economy; paradigm turn; value orientation;
C model; economic growth

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