Turkey’s Electricity Production Potential by Geothermal Resources

Oyku Bilgin, Alaattin Sakcali


Turkey has hot water springs suitable for electricity generation between 130 °C-242 °C with natural vapor and hydrothermal alterations in connection with grabens limited to active faults and diffuse young volcanism in Western Anatolia Region. Geothermal energy which is an alternative energy resource has advantages such as low-cost, clean, safe and natural resource. Geothermal energy is defined as hot water and steam which is formed by heat that accumulated in various depths of the Earth's crust; with more than 20 oC temperature and which contain more than fused minerals, various salts and gases than normal underground and ground water. It is divided into three groups as low, medium and high temperature. High-temperature fluid is used in electricity generation, low and medium temperature fluids are used in greenhouses, houses, airport runways, animal farms and places such as swimming pools heating. In this study high temperature geothermal fields and windparks/windfarms in Turkey which are suitable for electricity generation potential were investigated.


Turkey’s potential; Geothermal energy; electricity production; alternative energy

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