Modeling SOFC & GT Integrated-Cycle Power System with Energy Consumption Minimizing Target to Improve Comprehensive cycle Performance (Applied in pulp and paper, case studied)

H.A. Ozgoli ., H. Ghadamian ., A.A. Hamidi .


This study has considered hybrid system SOFC/GT with the new approach. This cycle, as a power plant is designed to reduce losses and improve comprehensive cycle performance. In the first part cycle, fluidized bed system with biomass (wood chips) fuel using gas cleaning mechanism, produce combustible gases which are required fuel combustion chambers of steam reformer and the GT. Second part cycle, required hydrogen for SOFC system is supplied through external SR. In the third part, the treated bio syn-gas from the cleaning unit outlet, in conjunction with recycled exhaust gases of the cell’s anode will feed SR and GT combustors. In the fourth part cycle, flue gas would pass through heat recovery steam generator. Thus, high pressure and low pressure steams with values 3.39&0.45 ton/hr, respectively are generated. In this study, SOFC and GT with a capacity of 1000 & 750.81 kW respectively are designed. Net efficiency of power production 46.4% is obtained. In comparison with similar study done in 2008 at the University of Delft, that net 42.6% efficiency, increasing the efficiency of such systems has been viewed.


Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC), Gas Turbine (GT), Bio syn-gas, Fluidized Bed (FB), Steam Reformer (SR), Comprehensive Cycle Performance

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