The Potential for Ground-Source Cooling of Buildings in the State of Kuwait: Investigation of Subsoil Environment and Properties

Farraj F. Al-ajmi, Ahmed Al-shemmari, Fahad A. Al-otaibi, Humoud M. Aldaihani


In most countries, developing hybrid cooling
techniques to reduce domestic cooling demand is a key objective,
but also poses a particular challenge in desert climates such as
Kuwait. Ground cooling, which is a passive cooling technique,
could help meet this objective. However, the purpose of the
present paper is to investigate the environment and properties at
several points below the ground surface to a maximum depth of
five meters deep. The results showed a reduction in subsoil
temperature during the summer season of about 81 °C,
concerning maximum average ambient air temperature. This
may be shown to have the potential for ground cooling energy for
underground buildings in the desert climate or the use of the
ground cooling application, such as Earth-Air Heat Exchanger.


Ground cooling; ambient air temperature, desert climates

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