Food security in highly urbanized areas during the era of climate change

  • Januszkiewicz K.
  • Jarmusz M.


Rapid increase in human population on a global scale
accompanied by inevitable climate changes as well as huge social,
economic and industrial diversity leads to serious inequality in
food distribution around the World. There are rich regions with
relatively comfortable life conditions including food excess - but
in parallel, overpopulated areas of uncontrolled population
growth still exist and new ones emerging. Due to unprecedented
industrial acceleration and migration, this process concerns
especially Asian region. These circumstances induce integrated
teams of economists, scientists, engineers and architects to
research and develop complex solutions for sustainable food
distribution to overpopulated areas. Basing on the concept of
Harvester Tower, the paper discusses the idea of vertical farms
(VF) to be implemented into the grids of overpopulated cities like
Shanghai. In its preliminary part, the paper defines main
environmental and spatial constraints that humanity has already
been facing so far, indicating important role that vertical farms
might take in the future horticultural production. Subsequently,
some brief story on the idea of the development of vertical
farming has been presented. Ultimately the results of the authors’
research program undertaken at West Pomeranian University of
Technology in Szczecin - including Harvester Tower concept -
have been described. In particular, the program focuses on
architectural design solution integrating large-scale horticultural
production directly into the cities, where the most of the food
consumption takes place. In conclusion, this paper emphasizes
that the presented project will urge architects, engineers and
urban planners to completely revise and redefine the
contemporary design process and the understanding of the idea
of sustainable design. To successfully migrate food production
from extensive rural areas to dense environment of city centers, a
new holistic approach, integrating knowledge and advances of
multiple fields of science, has to be developed.

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