Resurrectionis Center XX. Zmartwychwstańców in Krakow – a unique example of religious art

Joanna Gil-Mastalerczyk


Abstract—In Poland in the 90s of the twentieth century with the
introduction of modern technologies for the construction
industry, increased scope of designers in the process of shaping
the architectural forms. The technique, unlimited design
possibilities, material solutions and their availability, do not
constitute any barriers. The Modern technologies allow the
creation of unlimited structural systems in the field of solids and
interior features, an example of which is a complex of buildings
of the Seminary Assembly XX. Zmartwychwstańców Zakrzówek
in Cracow (1985-1993).
The Center Resurrectionis in Cracow is an innovative and
original work of sacred art of the twentieth century, causing
admiration and strongly affecting its audience. The complex of
buildings, decorated in the style of surreal, characterized by a
high value of composing objects in space, the creation of
innovative architectural and urban planning, and the search for
solutions to highly aesthetic. The high degree of technological
advancement provide an idea of composing space with a variety
of textures used, and the context of concrete with other materials.
Group of buildings is a continuation of exploring the aesthetic
possibilities of concrete, which "turns on the Way of the Four
Gates (...) each time finding a different meaning for their
invoices." The shape of the buildings has been closely associated
with the reinforced concrete - a material which creates an
unusual design possibilities, as well as shaping a new quality in
terms of architectural aesthetics. Use the creators of this
material, significantly influence the form of buildings - increasing
the scale and scope of freedom in shaping the architecture.
Enabled to overcome larger spans and heights, decided to
unlimited possibilities of any form and execution of architectural


component; sacred art, architecture of church, contemporary architecture, innovative design

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