Hamburg 2013 – The way of creating new landscape

Sabina Kuc


Being the leader in urban ecological solutions
for the 21st century, the city of Hamburg has been perceived
as a world-class centre for innovation. Recent developments
in technology and urban landscape design represent a change
of spatial thinking and action that can be admired
at Internationale Bauausstellung (International Building
Exhibition) IBA Hamburg 2006-2013 and Internationale
Gartenschau (International Garden Show) IGS Hamburg 2013.
This part of Hamburg is currently making an attempt to create
a harmonious landscape, which is to improve the quality of life
in the urban environment. As a result of these activities,
a neglected urban space is being transformed in a sustainable
manner, making it both man and environmentally friendly.
The study of landscape formation comprises a plurality of ways
and methods. This has become particularly significant today,
when the latest technologies and concepts on landscaping can be
used to create an urban space. The article presents
the possibilities of creating landscape in a variety of forms (such
as energy landscape, water landscape, green landscape), being
a good starting point for further research in this topic.
In situ analysis of the landscape of the city of Hamburg at IBA
and IGS presents aspects of sustainable technologies, urban space
and landscape from different perspectives. The new way
of landscaping can be used in the practice of urban design.
The use of landscape in various forms provides one
with the choice of different technical solutions, gives a number
of architectural and spatial planning opportunities
for the creation of cities.


landscape; sustainable landscape; architectural and landscape planning;, sustainable development

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