An Analytical assessment of Lean Manufacturing Strategies and Methodologies Applied to Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)

Ahmad S M Alotaibi, J.G Alotaibi


Effluent water is one of the significant volume waste streams in the industry of oil manufacturing; this report addressed the effluent water management in the Kuwait oil Company (KOC). A Research methodology adopted quantitative and qualitative analysis, in order to focus on the difficulties and barriers facing the process of effluent water management, it may be abridged that the parts of effluent water have an alternate possible effect on the surroundings. Subsequently, decreasing these segments, particularly the destructive ones, all together to achieve the most reduced level regarding diminishing the rate released with generated waste water, is the essential objective of the oil manufacturing industry, Due to effluent water disposal & injection practice which is being carried out at KOC can be observed some problems can be summarized as The water cut (W/C) in oil wells start increasing dramatically after water injection back to the reservoir which reduces the oil rate productivity of the wells, Scaling issue in the flow lines start taking place recently at KOC which also reduces the productivity of the wells and need some costly projects to resolve it., There is a great impact on the integrity of our facilities (corrosion issues) . It has been observed that the salinity of the brackish water which is produced from artesian wells is increasing dramatically as well due to effluent water disposal into shallow layers underground.


Lean Manufacturing; KOC, effluent water, oil well

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