Need to conserve the Built Environment -A case study of Aligarh Muslim University

Mohammad Fazli, S Gupta, Sangeeta Mehta


Environment is very wrongly taken as political agenda these days. The constructions have a major role while maintaining the quality of environment. So, it is important to give attention towards the building of any age. This can be done by conservation of built environment which is the planned management of the resources. It is also essential in order to understand the nation's cultural heritage and is an environmentally responsible practice too. Existing buildings can often be energy efficient through their use of good ventilation, durable materials, and spatial relationships. Aligarh Muslim University, one among the Heritage Universities of India, which was founded by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in 1875 is also passing with the same fate. Now, with the passage of time (after more than hundred and thirty years), the built environment of the beautiful monuments constructed in its early phase were getting effected. This is not happening only with this complex but it is a common practice with all the heritage Institutions of national importance.


Heritage; conservation; built environment

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