Study on urban spaces for foreigners socializing: Focusing on multi-ethnic neighborhoods in Seoul, Korea

Ekaterina Shafray, Kim Seiyong


This paper is focused on appearing spatial aspects of foreign migration in the metropolis of Seoul. As an emerging global city, Seoul faced international migration in a compressed period of time. Several multi-cultural neighborhoods and foreigners-related policies are viewed in relation to concept of global city. We observe case studies of multi-ethnic residential neighborhoods with high population of foreigners appeared last decades in Seoul with attention to places of foreign socializing. The study is using literature review and conducted selected social interviews in 2013-2015. Cultural understanding and urban problems of multiethnic neighborhoods in Seoul is a complex issue that needs to be further analyzed from both local and foreign residents’ perspectives. The study is important as it critically addresses challengeable issues for the urban cities culture in South Korea in recent history.


urban multi-ethnic communities; selected interviews; foreigners socializing, public spaces in multi-ethnic neighborhoods, global city

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