Procedural Modeling of a Residential Site Using the Interoperability between the GIS and CityEngine An Adaptation of the Radburn Type Cul-de-sac Roadsystem and Housing

Nae-Young Choei, Seok-Hoon Jeon


The main objective of this study is to observe the procedural modeling technique run by the CG Architecture design rules. Also, the interoperability of the design data between the CityEngine and GIS databases are to be tested for an efficient manipulation of the 2D land information and the 3D building information. The study uses the Korean National Geographic Information System databases as well as aerial image data from the National Geographic Information Institute. The study also takes Samsong area in Goyang City, Korea, as its study area. In addition, the field survey photographs of Radburn neighborhood, New Jersey, in the US are also presented to render the target site planning prototype.


interoperability; CityEngine; procedural modeling; cul-de-sac; site planning

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