Delay Factors between Main Contractors and Nominated Subcontractors in High Rise Buildings in Thailand

Sunan Suksai, Wuttipong Moungnoi, Santi Charoenpornpattana, Samart Homthong


This research is a study of factors affecting the delay of the construction period by working together during construction between main contractors and nominated sub-contractors in high rise building at Bangkok and vicinity. The focus of factors which cause delays to the structural works, architectural work, electrical - mechanical works and sanitation work in General Contract (Dominated –Sub-contract) and Nominated Sub-contract. This study used questionnaires and interviews as tool for collecting data. Data analysis methods to compare average frequency in order to know the factors that make each type of construction delays and statistical methods Independent-Sample t-test to find out the critical factors to the construction both of the contrast delay. The results showed that factors which cause delays affecting the construction period consisted of not working together as team-work, project management experience is not enough and be deficient in skill of communicate and coordinate. It also found that the delay factor of five critical factors that make construction in terms of structure, architecture, electrical-mechanical and sanitation was always delayed. Factors include delays resulting from not working together as team work, period of plan laid down, delayed delivery area, delays in approval and construction item and shortage of skilled labor, or labor shortages during the season so aware of critical factors that delay the construction above. And find ways to prevent construction delays caused by these factors.


delays, main contractors, nominated sub-contractor, high rise building

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