Tar Decomposition at low Temperatures within staged Gasification Reactors-first Approach towards Mechanisms and Background

Sabrina Dumfort, M Huemer, A. Hofmann, M. B. Huber, J. Krueger


The reduction or decomposition of tar in biomass derived fuel gases is one of the biggest challenges in its utilization for power generation. The floating-fixed-bed technology demonstrated a reduction of tars within the floating-bed reduction reactor (FBRR) of >99% reaching less than 50mg/m3 of tar even before cleaning the product gas. In order to gain more details about the mechanisms being involved in tar release and tar decomposition and to find an explanation for the good product gas quality of this gasification system, different studies conducted directly at a gasification pilot plant and studies concerning tar reduction mechanisms are summarized and compared in this work.


floating-fixed-bed; staged gasification; tar removal; tar cracking, biomass CHP

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