The Acoustical Performances of Oyster Shell Waste Based Green Concrete Materials

Erni Setyowati, Gagoek Hardiman


Research on green materials are continuously carried out by researchers, starting with research on middle-low income housing near the airport suffered by airport noise [1]. The orientation of housing facing the runway will have the biggest sound levels [2,3]. Efforts to control noise at middle-low housing annoyed by the noise will be more effective if housing uses a material that can absorb the sound. Therefore, this research is a part of a whole mapping research on housings noise control solution as a material which needs to be layered by another absorber material. Oyster shells in this research have function as cement substitution and provide aesthetic value on concrete materials. Types of shells observed in this research are: green mussels (Perna viridis Linn), blood clams (Anadara granosa Linn) and scallops (Placuna placenta Linn). All three shells were selected as samples in this study because it has a beautiful shell colors as well as having an acoustic performances.


component; green material; oyster shell waste; acoustic performances

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