Improvement of Sound Insulation Performance of ALC Walls Using Mock-up Experiments

Chan H. Haan, Seong S. Hong


Multi-unit dwelling has comprised the largest part of living in modern society where noise problems have become a social issue. Autoclaved lightweight concrete (ALC) panel and blocks have been widely used in residential, commercial and industrial buildings as its lightness and workability. However, the sound insulation performance of ALC is not high due to its light weight and the porousness. This study aimed to improve the sound insulation performance of ALC walls between housing units by changing the structure of the walls including layer of material, thickness of the air cavity, and connecting materials. In order to this, computer modeling and laboratory mock-up tests were undertaken to measure the STC of four different structures. As a result, the single-number quantities (Rw+C) of 61-68 dB, the first grade of sound insulation performance, can be acquired when ALC blocks were constructed with gypsum board and air cavity connected with metal or resilient channel.


component; autoclaved lightweight concrete block; sound insulation performance; 1/1 scale mock-up experiment; computer modeling

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