Equipment Performance Due to Voltage Sags – Test Results for Contactor and Induction Motor

Surya Hardi, Muhd Hafizi, Muzamir Isa, Rohana Ismail


This paper presents experimental test results of contactor and induction motor performances when they were supplied by voltage sags. A Programmable source is used to generate various voltage sag characteristics. A small of contactor and induction motor were used for this purpose. Test results show that magnitude and duration are very important aspects that determine performance of the equipments. Influence of other characteristics such as point on wave and repetitive of voltage sag are discussed. Difference of point on wave of sag initiation will cause contactor performance is different for tripping. The occurrence of the second sag after the first one may affect the contactor performance. The contactor performance becomes sensitive when it is supplied by repetitive voltage sags. Voltage sag cause transient current drawn by the motor is too high and it occurs at recovery voltage instant and the value depending on magnitude of the sags. The current peak is not significant influenced by sag duration. The current peak in the second sag is similar to first sag. Therefore presence repetitive of voltage sags on induction motor is not influence on the current peaks.


Voltage sags, Testing, Contactor, Induction motor

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