Multi-objective Model on Connection Time Optimization in Sea-rail Intermodal Transport

Qi Zhang, Hao Yang, Li Zhang


Container sea-rail intermodal transport operation needs to consider some special demands both in volume and time connection. That means container sea-rail intermodal transport is a type of demand responsive transport between railroad trains and marine ships, vice versa. It needs to operate container trains according to the demands of ships in OD, volume, as well as the arrival and departure time. Basing on this responsive demand characteristic of sea-rail intermodal transport, the paper establishes a multi-objective optimal model for its connection time, aiming for maximizing the profits of carriers and minimizing the total transport costs of shippers, as well as minimizing the connection time between container trains and ships to optimizing the intermodal transport system. Modified genetic algorithm is adopted. The calculation results demonstrate that the model could be used to solve the connection problem of container sea-rail intermodal transport involved with volume and time connections.


Connection time, Inland-port-transferring Railway Hub Container Transport System, multi-objective optimal model, responding transport, sea-rail intermodal transport

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