Modeling Of Power Line Communication Channel For Automatic Meter Reading System With LDPC Codes

B. Rajkumarsingh, Namratha S. Poonye


In this era of modernization, one of the promising emerging technologies is Power Line Communication (PLC) system. In previous research fields, modeling of PLC channel, mostly for indoor applications has been studied. However, the need to study that for outdoor applications, such as the Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) systems is also vital. Moreover, standardization bodies have considered the use of LDPC codes restricted for indoor systems. Thus, in this paper, not only we model the PLC channel based on AMR applications, but also, we apply LDPC coding scheme to the system. To accomplish the objectives, firstly, we model the PLC-AMR channel, which includes multipath phenomenon. Additionally, PLC noise, usually occurring in the channel, is modeled. The modulation technique applied is BPSK and the performance of the system with varying load impedances is compared. The coded system consists of irregular LDPC codes, with two different constructions of the Parity-Check matrix, namely that by Radford Neal and reduced size of DVBS2. The performances of respective systems are then compared. Using LDPC by Radford Neal, the performances are analyzed with varied code rates.


Power Line Communication; Automatic meter reading; multipath channel; LDPC codes

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