Effect of Electrospraying Modes and Conditions to the Deposited Nanoparticles: A Review

Siti Norazian I ., Nur Syafiqa M.Z ., Farah Aini M.A. .


Electrospraying is used to deposit the materials
onto the substrate. Electrospray is a method of liquid
atomization to form highly electrostatic charge of dry droplet
nanoparticles. The characteristics and the morphology of the
deposited nanoparticles are very much dependent on the types
of electrospraying modes and selected spraying conditions at
the beginning of the spraying process. The mist of the liquid
solution can be obtains by increasing the potential electrical
field that connecting to the needle capillary. Meanwhile,
different modes give difference result of stability of the spray
and also affecting the morphology of the deposited


Electrospray, nanoparticles, morphology, spraying modes, spraying conditions

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