Formation of NO3 in the Photolysis of N2O5

Man-Nung Su ., Jim Jr-Min Lin .


The spectra of excited nitrate radicals (NO3*) produced from
the photolysis of N2O5 at 248 and 193 nm are reported for the first
time. We measured the time-resolved absorption spectra from 400
to 700 nm and separated the contributions of excited- and
ground-state species. The spectra of NO3* are broad and
featureless in this spectral region. An induction period was
observed before the formation of thermalized NO3, consistent
with the existence of NO3* that is then quenched by collisions with
the buffer gas. We re-examined the kinetics of the formation of the
room-temperature NO3 and determined the formation rate
constants in N2 at 248 and 193 nm photolysis to be (7.1±1.0)×10−13
and (7.9±1.0)×10−13 cm3molecule−1s−1, respectively. We also
measured the relative formation rate constants in O2, Ar, CO2 and
SF6 buffer gases.


excited states, photochemistry, transient absorption, vibrational relaxation

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