Antimicrobial Activity of Jackfruit’s Straws Films Which has been enriched by Temulawak (Curcuma Xanthorrhizza, ROXB.) toward Microorganism on Galamai

Wenny Surya Murtius, Ira Desri Rahmi, Neswati Neswati


This research was aimed to know antimicrobial activity of edible film from jackfruit’s straws. Previously, edible films has been enriched by temulawak juice with various concentration (2%, 4%, 6%, and 8%). Antimicrobial activity toward microorganism on galamai (all of microorganism and osmophilic group) has been examined using agar diffusion methode. Zone of inhibition were measured after 24 h of incubation. Diameter of zone inhibition for all of microorganism were 9.00-26.50 mm and osmophilic microorganism were 8.50-12.70 mm.


Antimicrobial films, Jackfruit’s straws, galamai

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