Interaction Problems Between Users in the Design of Hydraulic System

L. Borello ., G. Villero ., M. D. L. Dalla Vedova


The design of the whole airplane hydraulic system should be seen in an integrated form: in fact different configuration choices regarding each subsystem can appreciably affect the pumps sizing. The work highlights the interactions between the design choices concerning both the generation and power regulation (pumps and regulating devices) and the users in all the aspects important for the operation of the complete system outlining the design of a defined hydraulic system of an airplane. To this end the dynamic simulation models (with associated calculation programs) capable of analyzing the behavior of the complete system have been made; employing it a series of investigations was carried out, aiming to analyze the dynamic behavior of different configurations of the system in similar operating conditions. Examination of the results shows how seemingly minor design choices concerning the architecture of the subsystems can play a significant role in the functioning of the entire system, affecting its own sizing.

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