Evidence-Based Approach and Standardization of Nutraceuticals

Misty N. Ochotny ., Tiffany N. Partney ., Yashwant V. Pathak .


Evidence-based approach for the use and selection of nutraceuticals are presented as well as the need and challenges to creating a method for the standardization of these products. A systematic review was completed to analyze the impact of evidence-based and standardization of nutraceuticals. Evidence-based approach for nutraceuticals allow for the evaluation of these products. This process involves utilizing current and best evidence to provide individualized care for patients. Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) are regulations enforced by the FDA to ensure that drug manufacturing processes meet basic standards. Under these practices, design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes are regulated. These practices can track and provide tools to prevent contamination of products available to consumers. Using evidence-based approach for nutraceutical can provide healthcare providers and consumers with evidence that is patient specific, for a given intervention and desired outcome. The global market for nutraceuticals is growing and all manufacturers should comply with cGMP to ensure safe, quality products for consumers. The goal is to have all nutraceutical manufacturers worldwide embrace cGMP in order to provide consumers with safe, effective and high quality products.

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