Comparison of Various Properties of a Silorane Based Dental Composite with Two Methacrylate Based Dental Composites

Teh A. Mustaza ., Michael Braden ., Mangala P. Patel .


The synthesis of a new monomer system named silorane (obtained from the reaction of oxirane and siloxane molecules) gave way to the production of a novel low shrinkage silorane based composite. Objectives: The purpose of this study was to compare some physical properties of a silorane based composite (Filtek Silorane, 3MESPE) to those of two well-known low shrinkage methacrylate-based composites (Filtek Supreme XT, 3MESPE; Esthet X HD, Dentsply). The study also includes the effect of external media (food simulating solutions; distilled water, artificial saliva, 25% ethanol, coconut oil and Coke) on the three composites. Methods: Cured samples underwent water absorption (with immersion in food simulating solutions) and desorption. The data were analysed; the water absorption and desorption profiles were mapped, the diffusion coefficients and solubility of each sample were calculated. Curing efficiency was measured on the top and bottom surfaces of cured composite samples using Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. Finally, the temperature profile during polymerisation of each composite sample was mapped, allowing the calculation of the sample‘s maximum exotherm. Results: From the results obtained from these experiments, overall, the properties of Filtek Silorane are comparable with those of Filtek Supreme XT and Esthet X HD.

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