Research on the Quality of Rewards Systems in Czech Companies

Petr Petera, Jaroslav Wagner, Michal Menšík


In this paper we outline our research and present
final results of our empirical investigation (survey), which was
conducted among the biggest Czech companies and aimed at the
quality (maturity) of their performance measurement and
management system (PMMS) in connection with rewards system
(RS). The paper is focused on the part of the survey dealing with
rewarding of employees in relation to performance
measurement. Descriptive statistics are given and weaknesses of
rewards systems implemented in the analyzed companies are
identified and some generalizations are made. Degree of
utilization of the total rewards approach (TRA) is discussed. We
also discuss correlation of indices which we constructed for
evaluation of the quality of the implemented rewards system with
subjective evaluation of these systems.


performance evaluation, rewards for performance, total rewards

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