An Empirical Study of Low-carbon Lifestyle

Hui Guan, Lulu Sun


This paper mainly organizes the theory of lifestyle
from the fields of sociology and consumer behavior, it also
outlines the situation of domestic scholars on the study of the
low-carbon lifestyle. Then this paper does an empirical
research, with the method of structural equation, on
low-carbon lifestyle in which residents of Dalian are the
objects of study. And it defines low-carbon lifestyle as a
sustainable way of life which includes low-carbon public
behavior, daily low-carbon behavior, social behavior,
environmental attitude and low-carbon acknowledgment. This
paper also finds out that the environmental attitude and
low-carbon acknowledgment affect people’s low-carbon
behavior, includes low-carbon public behavior, social behavior
and daily low0carbon behavior. In the end of the paper, it puts
forward the limitations of this study as well as a research
direction for lifestyle in the future.


lifestyle; low-carbon lifestyle; low-carbon economy

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